Chicken Noodle Supreme

Recipe provided by Estelle Gluck of the Ramot Chapter.


5 lbs. Chicken
3 oz. can Mushrooms
1 cup ripe Olives (pitted)
¾ lb. medium wide Noodles (6 cups)
1 ⅓ cup Onions
tsp. pepper
cup Green Pepper
1 can Cream Mushroom (undiluted)
1 ½ cup grated Sharp Cheese
1 cup cooked Peas
½ tsp. Salt


Day before: Half-cover chicken with water. Add salt, celery tops and 1 sliced onion. Simmer covered until tender. Remove chicken from broth. Cut off meat in big pieces. Chill chicken and broth, seperately.

Early next day; To broth add mushrooms, olive pieces and enough water to make 6 cups. Bring to boil and add noodles. Cook until barely tender.

In 2 tbs. chicken fat (skimmed from broth), saute remaining onions (minced), peppers and mushrooms for 5 minutes. Add to chicken with half of olives and combine well.

To undrained noodles, add cream mushroom soup, cheese, peas and seasoings. In 3 quart casserole arrange noodles and chicken mixture in layers ending with noodles. Top with remaining olives. Chill.

Heat oven to 325 degrees. Bake covered until bubbily hot - about 1 hour and 40 minutes.


A Cook's Tour by B'nai B'rith Women: Northern New Jersey Council - First Edition 1960