Servings Vary

This is the same dish many of our relatives had waiting for them after shabbos in the old country.There are no measurements because it is based on how many will eat and how much you feel like making..and remember, BUBBE KNEW BEST!!!! While I never had this, it was submitted by my cousin, Michael.


Chuck Roast
  Onions- cut in chunks
  Barley (optional)


This dish cooks slowly for 18 to 24 hours.

Place ingredients in a cast iron pot. Cover with water and then cover the pot with its lid. Put in preheated 350° F oven and allow to cook. After a few hours check to see if you have to add more water to keep from burning or drying out. Add more water as needed. When you are ready to go to bed turn the oven temp down to about 200 or 250° F. You can remove the cover and allow the meat and veggies to brown slightly if you wish before serving.

Serve when the meat is tender and falling apart.


Prep Time: 18-24 Hours


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