Claremont Salad Recipe

8 Servings

Aunt Ruth got this recipe from the Claremont Diner in Verona, New Jersey. They are no longer in business, so we don't think we'll get in trouble for passing along this favorite recipe.


1 Cucumber (sliced)
1 Carrot (sliced)
1 Green Pepper (sliced)
1 Bermuda Onion (sliced)
3/4 head of Cabbage (shredded)
2 tablespoons Sugar
3 tablespoons Vinegar
2 tablespoons of Salad Oil
1 tablespoon of Water
1 teaspoon of Salt


Shake the sugar, vinegar, salad oil, water, and salt together in a large jar and pour the mixture over the vegetables. Leave the vegetables and mix at room temperature for two (2) hours.

Put it in the refrigerator overnight. Done, enjoy !!

You may substitute lettuce and tomato for the cabbage.


Preparation time: 2 hours at room temperature and then refrigerate overnight


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