Confetti Jello Mold

Recipe provided by Bea Neidorf of the Wm. M. Untermann Chapter.


2 pkgs. Lemon Jello
3 pkgs. Different Flavored Jellos
1 can of Crushed Pineapple
1 cup Sour Cream


Prepare 3 different flavors of jello and pour into ice cube trays. Or prepare 3 flavors and cube after they are set.

Take 2 packages of Lemon Jello - add 2 cups of boiling water and mix. Add crushed pineapple with juice, sour cream. Beat with egg beater. Cool until mixture is slightly set. Add cubed jello of the 3 other flavors and stir in. Pour into a four quart mold.


A Cook's Tour by B'nai B'rith Women: Northern New Jersey Council - First Edition 1960