Karp's Stuffed Cabbage

Recipe provided by Harriett Karp of the Weequahic Chapter.


1 lb. chopped Meat
½ cup Cooked Rice
1 tsp. Salt
tsp. Pepper
1 small Onion minced
3 cups canned tomatoes
1 Onion sliced thin
½ cup Raisins
¼ cup Brown Sugar
juice of a Lemon
8 - 12 large Cabbage Leaves


Put leaves in hot water for 5 mins. to soften, remove and cut out some of the heavy middle vein.

Combine meat, rice, egg, salt, pepper, and diced onions and divide among cabbage leaves. Fold in sides and roll up.

Shread some of the remaining cabbage and put at bottom of pan. Add tomatoes, sliced onions, raisins, brown sugar and lemon juice and let simmer till cabbage is tender and brown. About 2 1/2 - 3 hours.


A Cook's Tour by B'nai B'rith Women: Northern New Jersey Council - First Edition 1960