Lime Pear Jello Mold with Sour Cream Sauce

Recipe provided by Natalie Huber of the Red Bank Chapter.


1 pkg. Lime Jello
1 cup boiling Water
½ pint Sour Cream
½ cup Pear Juice
1 large can Pear Halves
2 tbs. Mayonnaise


Line 1 quart jello mold with pear halves. Dissolve jello in boiling water - while still hot add ¾ cup sour cream and blend well. Add most of pear juice from can. Pour into mold and chill.

Sauce: Blend 2 tbs. mayonnaise, 2 tbs. sour cream, thin slightly with pear juice.


A Cook's Tour by B'nai B'rith Women: Northern New Jersey Council - First Edition 1960